Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wekend Adventures

Last night Mr. Doomchika and I joined some friends for the fireworks at the esplanade in Boston, which, I'll venture to say, hosts one of the country's most epic Independence Day celebrations. We were so close under the explosions in the sky that the cooled ash rained on us after they went off.

That was after we had spent all day burning on the beach. And earlier in the weekend, we took a boat tour put on by the Boston Society of Architects. We learned that the very stretch of land along the Charles River that we would sit on to watch fireworks was in fact man-made in the 1800s, as the once-two-mile-wide river was filled in to accommodate a growing city population. We also learned (among many other things) that Long Wharf isn't so long anymore, comparatively speaking, but the name has stuck.

This may be a wedding-blog-ish-sort-of thing, but I want to remember that wedding planning is a small part of life, even in these next few months. It's great to take time to just be with the person you love and explore something new, and I think that's exactly what this weekend was all about. I'm thankful for the fun pockets of the city we learned more about, and for the time spent laughing with each other and friends.

Don't worry. I'll get back to telling you about my Save the Dates or something equally as enthralling soon enough. Meanwhile, check out this picture we took as our boat rolled under the Zakim Bridge.

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