Friday, July 1, 2011


I am engaged. I am reluctant to write this as the first sentence I am ever posting on this blog, because I am equally as reluctant to establish this as a wedding blog. But if the shoe fits...

My last blog was about a very particular season of my life. A season I thought would last for years (living in a house with nine other people). But last October, I was sitting in the back of church, spotted a cute guy, and made it a point to say hi to him. This coming October, I am marrying him...and moving out of my house. I am so stupidly blessed I can't even see straight sometimes.

So onto a new blog topic. This may mean I am capricious. I probably am. I don't like doing any one thing for a long time, and am always looking for the next thing. Well, except when it comes to men. I've found the one and he is perfect. Perfectly human and perfect for me. No superheroes in this situation.

My Google Reader fills up with about 60 posts a day from the dozens of different wedding blogs I've decided to follow for advice on crafts, etiquette, budgeting, and more. I know I've only begun to scratch the surface of the sea of wedding media that exists on the Interwebs, and I'm diving in, too. Much of this is because I'm itching to write creatively every day, and what better subject to write about? (At least for the moment...)

So what can you expect from this one? I'm hoping to share what I'm learning along the way about conceptualizing, planning, preparing, and transforming---into a wife that is. I don't want to write 500 words about shopping for doilies, but I do want to give nuggets on d├ęcor I've decide to go with and why, and point you to places that I've found to be helpful resources. I want to remember that the wedding event itself is actually small and symbolic of the beautifully profound commitment to bind yourself to another person for life. So I hope to write more about how I am preparing my heart and mind for this life transition than I do about how I am preparing my skin to look good on the big day

Stay tuned.

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