Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Save the Dates

We sent ours out earlier this month. Mr. Doomchika is a super talented graphic designer and photographer. We showcased both of those skills in these cards. The photos come from some random tests shots we did while setting up a photobooth at a wedding he captured earlier this summer. And he designed the layout and look of the cards from scratch!

We're most likely sending our invites out in about a month, so I was on the fence on whether to do Save the Dates at all (Side note: I want to abbreviate Save the Dates, but the letters you could shorten it to are hilariously inappropriate! Mr. Doomchika and I use it plenty in conversation, though...). We decided to go for it, and I'm so happy we did! Even though most guests were already told when the wedding is, I think they're happy to have something to tack onto their fridge. And for our guests who haven't actually seen us much as a couple or don't know one of us well, I think the card is a great photo peek inside our relationship: fun, spontaneous, joyful, and full of love!

Take a look.

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